Have you ever thought of life this way?

Why so much stress? We supposed to talk to our parents when we are sad/troubled but they are even more stressed than we are. We are supposed to seek guidance from our spiritual leaders but some are lost and in deeper troubles but they dare not say it due to their position. 

The world is viewed as a place where we humans are meant to struggle to make ends meet. The sad days are meant to happen because that’s just the way it is. 

Because God sent satan down due to his sin and we all after generations just have to suffer from it because Adam and his wife ate some forbidden fruit. So we are supposed to toil the earth, sweat to live.

But really, does it have to be that way? 

Must we have these differences in religion, tribe, race, sex etc where we favour our own at the expense of the other while creation begun with one human being like most Africans believe? 

Can we stop seeing each other as threats and calling some witches and others with evil eyes? We can’t even fully trust because we have a negative mind thinking “I don’t know the evil thought he has in his mind” 

Does it have to be that way? 

Like hmm… it’s really messed up you know.

We all failed as humans. We’ve carried this believe over and over generations and we all hate each other now. Deep down we know we do. It’s just our own we love. We won’t treat another woman’s child exactly like we will treat our own. We won’t make the same sacrifices we will make for our friends/family for other people we call strangers. But there again, we all came from one. On a deeper level, we are all connected. 

I don’t blame us, we hold negative thoughts towards each other so we do all this to protect ourselves. 

But I recently discovered it’s really a choice to live this way. To be cruel because someone did you wrong some time. It’s a choice to live the world like a hostile place. Albert Einstein once said, the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. 

The most important decision we make

is whether we believe we live in a

friendly or hostile universe.

Albert Einstein

It is a choice to believe we are meant to suffer. It’s a choice to hold unto all negative believes and thoughts that’s causing the phrase “life is hard”. 

I’ve just discovered if we live our lives balancing all sectors of our life, doing good all round, having that sense of compassion, empathy, love towards each other, we won’t be so sad and living like this. We will be more forgiving, more understanding. And the funny thing is, we consciously deciding to live this way, benefits us. Individually, it makes your life better, less stressful and collectively, the impact will be felt in the world, both in the short and long term. 

When we think about it, even the people who do you wrong have a reason for doing what they did. Hurt people hurt people you know. No one just decides to act. So please,please let’s love humanity, let’s replace our old beliefs causing life to be hard and replace it with positive energy. Let’s be more understanding, let’s fix humanity. Maybe that is when we can live in paradise again, here on earth. 

While some may wait for the trumpet,

let’s make our heaven here on earth

by just being good people.


What could go wrong if we decide to do this? 

Some of us have the mind it’s not possible because the devil is constantly working on us to make us do evil etc etc but we are actually doing the wrong deeds we do.  Yet blame a devil we’ve not seen. You are your devil. Didn’t we say we have the power to overcome the devil, the devil God was talking about is inside us. We cause our own problems, we are the ones pulling us down but because we put the blame on something else , we don’t feel the need to do something about it. 

This is my understanding of life and I think we should think about it. 

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