How to start any business with zero capital.

Every entrepreneur has an idea he wants to bring to light. Either for the money reasons or just the passion or both. But one issue many entrepreneurs face is the money. 

The account balance is not promising enough and that I can testify sucks like hell. 

Now i guess you’re wondering how to start a business with zero account balance. I watched a video just recently from @Danlok on IG with a similar title and his answer was simple. 

“Get a f*cking job!” 

Check video here

Most people don’t wanna do some jobs because it’s way above them but we forget that to be a success you must start from somewhere. 

Every great leader is a good servant. 

Most degree holders feel some jobs are just way below them and don’t want people to see them doing such jobs. 

You are never too old for some jobs either.

  • The founder of the popular McDonalds, Ray Kroc at the age of 52, sold paper cups and milkshake mixers to make ends meet while working towards his dream. Today, the Mc Donald’s is worth $104.42 billion 

One of McDonald’s restaurant. 

  • One of the richest men in Ghana Dr. Osei Kwame Despite started life as a petty trader, dealing in music cassettes, padlocks, feeding bottles and other merchandise at Dunkwa-Offinso. How many of us will do this? But today, everybody wish they had the success he has.  Do you think if he was home thinking of how to get that big start up capital to start Peace fm and the importation of neat foods and This Way Chocolate drink, he would have gotten to where he is now? 

A few Luxury cars owned by Dr. Osei Kwame Despite

  • Let’s take a look at Aliko Dangote, His first business venture was in primary school and involved purchasing boxes of sweets and selling them off at a little profit even though he was born into an affluent family. He got the business idea to start selling sweets before later borrowed money from his uncle to start off. Now Dangote is the richest man here in Africa.

A look inside Dangote’s largest cement plant in Africa. 

  • Mary Kay Kash, founder of the popular Mary Kay brand, until 45, sold books and home goods door-to-door. Now, one of the popular brands in the cosmetics industry is Mary Kay. But our ladies of today, don’t wanna start from small. It kills the brand they would say.

See, why am I saying all this, you just need to get a job. Any job at all just so you can eat, live and survive through the days.

A friend once said,  it’s easier to move to another job or a better job when you are already on a job than being unemployed.

We always complain there are no jobs, there are no jobs but trust me there are jobs everywhere but we just don’t see them as jobs we can do. We either feel too big, or we just don’t consider them. The white collar jobs with the big positions and fat salaries will always ask for applicants with the 5-6 years of experience.

These days with the help of the internet, there are numerous jobs online. 

Most people are even creating their own jobs. All you need is a phone and internet to get started. You can;

  • Start an instagram account and create meaningful content
  • Start blogging
  • Online tuition 
  • Online counseling 
  • Watch Ads and get paid
  • Take surveys and get paid
  • Social Media Management 

We always find excuses why it won’t work rather than just starting no matter the odds. 

Just get a job, and work everyday on the side to get your dream realized. Do something everyday, doesn’t have to be big. Just make sure you do something every single day towards that big dream you so wish was realized. But see, just get a job. Every good achievement (success) takes time, so don’t rush it. Overnight success is a myth. It takes years to build that overnight success. So just start from somewhere. 

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