How to differentiate between a scam and real people in need

One mistake we do is to stop doing good because of bad people.


People do lots of bad stuff these days. I recently heard of a Nigerian father whose son had a hole in heart disease and needed about N70 million had absconded after the money was raised for him.
Thinking about this, most people would decide not to give anymore when they hear of anyone in such crisis because of their past experience. They would start thinking, I won’t even try to help because for all I know it’s a scam. I won’t fall for this, this time round.

(The Nigerian dad who appealed for funds for his sick child)

I also heard of a news from my country Ghana about a popular gospel musician who needed money to undergo surgery. She went to the radio stations several times to seek for help but later, she died because she couldn’t raise the money.

Image of gospel musician Comfort Annor who appealed for funds for medication but later died in 2015

Now let’s look at these 2 situations. One person got the money and escaped with it while the other didn’t and died.
So how then can we identify who is legit and who is not?

My opinion:
The truth is, you won’t know who is legit and who is not. The issue here is, whether legit or not, the effect of giving comes back to us anyways. The fact that the person may be scamming or actually in need of the money, doesn’t prevent the blessing we receive from doing good. The law of karma says you reap whatever you sow. The law of cause and effect- whenever you do good, you get good in return. Even if the receiver had bad intentions, it doesn’t matter, because karma will happen to him as well; good gets good, bad gets bad.

Good gets good, bad gets bad

My editor, Edwinner

So why worry about the receiver’s intentions? We worry too much and make our lives so complicated. Whether scam or no scam, just be a good person, really think about it, what do you have to loose?
When I’m giving, I don’t give because I need something from you, I don’t even give with expectations. Karma darling will work the maths for me. I give because it’s good and feels good to be a good person in a world where everyone is trying to be bad. Everyone is trying to be smart. Really, you got nothing to loose.

Quoting Mother Theresa, “people would be bad to you when you do them good, be good anyway”.

Being good should be the new normal. It seems that everyone now is trying to be selfish, everyone now is trying to be smart but why do we still have lots of troubles and hardships going on? Karma is one thing you can never hide from.

In the Bible, it’s explained as “you reap what you sow.”
You can’t outsmart someone and expect to go scot free, lol you’re joking.

So chill, don’t let someone’s negativity destroy you and cause you to miss some blessings. The thing is, this karma thing never gets old. They say Karma never forgets.

We like doing the work of karma for it and we end up doing bad things because of some bad someone did to us. See, no matter the reason you did that bad, you’ll reap that bad you did.
Life is really fair and simple.

Be a good person, you got nothing to loose really. Nothing at all.

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