Africa Will Work Again (AWWA)

We all watched Black Panther, or should I say majority of us did and we loved Wakanda. We loved how rich and successful that African country was. Low key we wished it was real.

Most of us too just want to ‘get out of here’, and move to a first class country like the US or move to Europe because, as we say, ‘it sucks down here.’ But you know, I have a strong belief that we can make Africa what we wish it to be.

The purpose of this blog is to awaken us- as Africans, make us tick, put away our religious, tribal, geographic differences, stand together and do what it takes to make Africa the place we wish it were. Africa is already blessed. The only continent with the most natural resources, trust me it’s a big deal! So why ain’t we experiencing this goodness?

Every single individual, big or small, slim or fat, etc, has the power and everything it takes to cause the change our continent needs to make it the place we all wish and pray it would be.

It all starts with you, me, us – individually. The goal here is to undergo personal growth and development. Once we (personally) get better, the effect will be felt collectively on our continent.

This development will address our business life, our spiritual and religious life and our day to day lifestyle.

Let me just mention this: I can’t change you, No!  You and only you can change yourself but my team and I are here to write, comment and share our thoughts and concerns on how to make this work. We are capable if we are united. We can make Africa Work Again.

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